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Translation studies from English to French
English  French

Duration: 400 Type: distance-learning Training language: French Diploma: 5-year degree-level certification Trainer: Daniel Gouadec Audience: All audience, Translator

This course is designed to train professional translators, and is entirely delivered in e-learning mode.

The course is aimed at mature students with a perfect knowledge of both English and French, thinking of a career change or wanting to consolidate their translation skills.

You will be guided throughout the course, from unit to unit, following the translation process and acquiring all the skills you need to provide a professional translation service.

Training content

Quality in translation

  • Definition
  • Introduction
  • Objectives

Preparing for the translation

  • The translation service
  • Client contributions
  • Identifying source text anomalies
  • Clarifying ambiguity
  • Options and treatments


  • Resources
  • Finding documentation to understand
  • Finding documentation to translate
  • Browser logic


  • Resources
  • Domain-specific searches
  • Browser logic

The translation kit

  • Kit content and analysis
  • Additional items

Translation types and modes

  • Translation by indexing
  • Synoptic translation
  • Selective translation
  • No frills' translation
  • Absolute' translation

Transfer techniques

  • Prerequisites
  • Tagging
  • Integration
  • Transfer techniques


  • Revision techniques
  • Proof-reading techniques
  • Post-translation self-checking

Setting up as a freelance translator (optional)

  • Administrative procedures
  • Rates
  • Communication
  • Prospecting for clients
  • Computer-assisted translation tools (CAT tools)
  • CV
  • Admission test (upon request)
  • Presentation of your career goals
  • Personal corrections
  • Regular reports
  • ​Permanent access to trainer

Daniel Gouadec

Daniel Gouadec is a translation expert who has helped establish the components of translation master's degree programmes. He is an elected member of the European Masters in Translation network council (DGT, Brussels) and also founded the training centre for...

Distance learning

Distance learning is an attractive option since it enables you to choose the content, place, time and duration of each session.

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