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e-Learning translation course from English to Spanish
English  Spanish

Duration: 400 Type: distance-learning Training language: Spanish Diploma: 5-year degree-level certification Trainer: Fernando Contreras Blanco Audience: All audience, Translator

This course is designed to train professional translators, and is entirely delivered in e-learning mode.

The course is aimed at mature students with a perfect knowledge of both English and French, thinking of a career change or wanting to consolidate their translation skills.

You will be guided throughout the course, from unit to unit, following the translation process and acquiring all the skills you need to provide a professional translation service.

Training content

General introduction

  • Professional translation
  • Defining quality and standardisation
  • Service provision
  • Objectives

Acquiring the source material

  • Reception and checks
  • Planning and analysis
  • Options and proposals

Domain-specific knowledge

  • General translation
  • Specialised translation
  • Intercultural knowledge

Acquiring documentation

  • General and specialised reference materials
  • Documentation
  • Finding parallel texts

Acquiring terminology and phraseology

  • Terminology and phraseology resources
  • Domain-specific glossaries
  • Dictionaries


  • The translation environment
  • Translation processes
  • Quality assurance


  • Revising techniques
  • Proof-reading techniques
  • Corrections and adaptations


  • End-product validation
  • Publishing
  • Post-translation checks
  • CV
  • Admission test (upon request)
  • Presentation of your career goals
  • Personal corrections
  • Regular reports
  • ​Permanent access to trainer

Fernando Contreras Blanco

Fernando Contreras Blanco holds a master's degree in French philology (UCM), a degree in translation and terminology (ISIT) and a PhD in scientific and technical translation (UAM). He teaches economics translation and scientific/technical translation at the Autonomous...

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