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Daniel Gouadec

Program manager

Daniel Gouadec is a translation expert who has helped establish the components of translation master's degree programmes. He is an elected member of the European Masters in Translation network council (DGT, Brussels) and also founded the training centre for translators and localisers at the University of Rennes 2, which he oversaw for 30 years. He provided training in translation, terminology, revision and project management whilst administrating a distance-learning university diploma in general translation.

Gouadec has authored hundreds of course curricula, training materials, articles and books on translation (see "Profession: traducteur" 

Ambroise Desclèves

CEO, trainer

Ambroise Desclèves holds a master's degree in translation and technical writing, and has led a career as an independent trainer while also teaching at the University of Rennes 2.

Desclèves founded CI3M and is responsible for management and business development. He is also a trainer for technical writer's tools and translator's tools.

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