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Technical writing course

Duration: 240 Type: distance-learning Training language: French Diploma: 5-year degree-level certification Trainer: Marie-Louise Flacke Audience: Technical writer

Do you want to become a technical writer or update your skills and knowledge? This technical writing course will make you a specialist at managing information.

Procedures, standards, internationalisation and different types of document are all elements you'll need to consider in order to write targeted, structured and concise documents.

Training content


  • Présentation générale
  • Objectifs de la rédaction technique

Démarrer : objectif et public-cible

  • Personas
  • Utilisabilité
  • Techniques de l’interview

Rédiger une procédure

  • Créer un titre
  • Rédiger des instructions

Avertir, mais comment ?

  • Notes et remarques
  • Avertissements
  • Normes ISO

Internationaliser votre documentation

  • Rédiger pour l’export
  • Localisation

Glossaire et index

  • Concevoir un index
  • Concevoir un glossaire

Inclure des illustrations

  • Éclatés & vues d'ensemble
  • Copies d'écran
  • Icônes, pictogrammes, symboles

Définir vos types de documents

  • Guide d’installation
  • Guide d’utilisation
  • Guide de maintenance
  • Spécifications Notes (Release notes)
  • Mini-Guides (Quick Start Guide)

Standardiser votre documentation

  • Norme ISO 26514
  • Guides rédactionnels
  • Langage contrôlé

Rédaction minimaliste

  • Principes
  • Objectifs
  • Règles de rédaction
  • CV
  • Admission test (upon request)
  • Presentation of your career goals
  • Personal corrections
  • Regular reports
  • ​Permanent access to trainer

Marie-Louise Flacke

Marie-Louise Flacke has a degree in technical writing from the American University of Paris, where specialised in DITA writing and tender writing.

She gives special attention to minimalism and usability testing.

Simplified Technical English

This course introduces writers and translators to the essentials of Simplified Technical English (STE).

It covers the essentials, reviews the dictionary, provides guidance on the writing rules, and describes getting started on an STE project.

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