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e-Learning Simplified Technical English course

Duration: 64 Type: distance-learning Training language: English Trainer: Marc Swanson Audience: All audience, Technical writer

This course introduces writers and translators to the essentials of Simplified Technical English (STE). It covers the essentials, reviews the dictionary, provides guidance on the writing rules, and describes getting started on an STE project.

Training content

Introduction to STE

  • Basics
  • Controlled language
  • Background and context
  • Users

The STE Dictionary

  • Principles
  • Approved/unapproved words
  • Parts of speech
  • Technical verbs
  • Technical names

The STE Rules

  • Principles
  • Rules for verbs
  • Rules for names
  • Rules for procedures
  • Rules for description
  • Punctuation and sentences
  • Lists

Making it work

  • Sentence mini-Workshop
  • First implementation
  • Translation notes
  • Is it worth it?

More Information

  • Text Analysis Software
  • STE Checkers
  • Rewriting
  • CV
  • Presentation of your career goals
  • Personal corrections
  • Regular reports
  • ​Permanent access to trainer

Marc Swanson

Marc SWANSON has been communicating technical information for 30 years. His corporate background includes software in multiple domains, as well as aerospace and medical equipment. He has worked as writer, translator, editor, and terminology manager.

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