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Registration fees

How much does a course cost?

Enrolment fees vary according to the nature of the course:

  • number of hours
  • personal support
  • specialisation

Contact us to find out more about enrolment fees.

We can discuss your personal project and tell you more about the particular course you are interested in: prerequisites, learning objectives, validation, contents and duration.

How can I fund my course?

Your course can be paid for by your employer or by a social security agency .

You can also pay for your course yourself.

If you are paying for the course yourself, payment can be made by installments throughout the course.

If the course lasts several months, monthly installments can be arranged at no extra charge.

Training with CI3M

Enjoy learning from active professionals who will help you acquire new knowledge, develop new skills in your profession and hone your experience.

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Using CAT tools 

Whether you're a beginner or a regular user, there's always room for improvement. Optimise the way you use CAT tools in order to increase your productivity and improve the quality of your work.

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