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Our pedagogy

Customised service

Before training

We will interview you by phone to find out about your current professional situation, touching on the following points:

  • Language skills
  • Professional status
  • Professional goals

The goal is to point you in the direction of the training programme best suited to your needs and speciality field.

We will also discuss your rights in terms of training, payment and funding options, as well as admission requirements.

During training

As you move through your individual training plan at your own pace, the teacher will check in with you regularly to ensure that you are acquiring the skills and applying them properly.

After training

As needed, the CI3M training centre will provide assistance in terms of finding employment or freelance work, or in setting up your business.

CI3M does everything in its power to ensure your success by activating its network and giving you access to job offers and email lists.

Practice-based learning methods

Each course involves three steps:

  • Theory taught by the teacher
  • Practical demonstration taught by the teacher
  • Application

This setup allows you to make the most of the training programme given that theory and practice, which are both essential, are tightly interlinked. Individual assignments give you the opportunity to apply the methods and knowledge taught, preparing you for the reality of the profession.

Your work is marked by active professionals who analyse your work and make recommendations.

Technical resources:

  • Online course platform
  • Videos
  • Training materials: PPT, PDF, Word, spreadsheets
  • Reading recommendations
  • Evaluations and self-evaluations

What to choose?

You or your employees can choose between two training options. You can opt for full distance training (E-Learning) or for one or more classroom training sessions at the location of your choice, and with other companies if you choose.

Advantages of classroom training:

  • Quick, more "concentrated" learning
  • Direct contact with the teacher
  • Immediate application of new skills
  • Direct, immediate evaluation

Advantages of distance training:

  • Individual time management
  • You progress at your own pace
  • You are able to continue your current activities
  • One-on-one relationship with a teacher

Daniel Gouadec

Daniel Gouadec is a translation expert who has helped establish the components of translation master's degree programmes. He is an elected member of the European Masters in Translation network council (DGT, Brussels) and also founded the training centre for...


Distance learning

Distance learning is an attractive option since it enables you to choose the content, place, time and duration of each session.

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