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Legal translation course
English  French

Duration: 480 Type: distance-learning Training language: French Diploma: 5-year degree-level certification Trainer: Véronique Sauron Audience: Translator, Notary, Lawyer

Training programme that will help you to become a legal translator, entirely delivered in e-learning mode.

This professional qualification course will allow you to acquire methods and techniques you need to provide high quality translations.

The translation course is aimed at translators, legal translators and lawyer-linguists with a perfect knowledge of both English and French, thinking of a speciality in legal translation.

You will be guided throughout the course, from unit to unit, following the translation process and acquiring all the skills you need to provide a professional translation service.

Training content

Introduction générale

  • Définition et langue du droit
  • Les familles de droit
  • Méthodologie de la traduction juridique
  • La documentation juridique

Traduire les concepts clés du droit des pays de Common Law

  • Concepts clés dans les principales branches de droit (civil, pénal, commercial, etc.)
  • Commow Law / Equity
  • Les professions juridiques
  • Les juridictions

Traduire les décisions de justice

  • Les termes de la procédure civile
  • Les termes de la procédure pénale
  • Structure et forme des décisions de justice
  • Affidavits

Traduire les contrats

  • Contrats de vente
  • Contrats de location
  • Contrats de travail
  • Contrats de licence
  • Statuts de société

Traduire les actes notariés

  • Actes relatifs aux successions
  • Testaments
  • Actes de vente

Traduire des documents juridiques dans les organisations internationales

  • Éléments de droit international
  • Éléments de droit commercial international
  • Traitement des concepts nationaux
  • Éléments de droit pénal international

Révision / relecture en traduction juridique

  • Processus de révision / relecture
  • Critères de révision
  • Assurance qualité
  • Auto-contrôles


  • Bilan général
  • Validation de la formation

Setting up as a freelance translator (optional)

  • Administrative procedures
  • Rates
  • Communication
  • Prospecting for clients
  • Computer-assisted translation tools (CAT tools)
  • CV
  • Admission test (upon request)
  • Presentation of your career goals
  • Personal corrections
  • Regular reports
  • ​Permanent access to trainer

Véronique Sauron

Véronique Sauron has a master's degree in law and a degree in translation. She teaches legal translation at the universities of Geneva and Grenoble.

Sauron is a member of ILCEA, the Institute of European and American Languages and Cultures,...

Distance learning

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Advance at your own pace and study according to your own timetable.

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