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Is traduction for me?

Just take the quiz below, answering true or false for each statement. The character traits listed work for all forms of professional translation, freelance or in-house.

List of statements:

  1. Translation is a profession I am passionate about.
  2. I am really excited about all forms of information technology.
  3. I never give up—I always find the solution.
  4. I adore anything technical.
  5. I have no problem with stress or working under tight deadlines.
  6. I am extremely organised and meticulous.
  7. 14-hour work days are not a problem for me.
  8. I was made for teamwork; I love to negotiate.
  9. I love to get constructive criticism of my work.
  10. The internet is fantastic!
  11. I'm good at solving problems; nothing scares me.
  12. I'm willing to (partially) give up holiday time.
  13. I can adapt to any situation.
  14. I am curious about everything.
  15. I am a perfectionist.
  16. I can always find a way to rearrange my schedule.
  17. I enjoy interacting with others, even when there is a bit of tension.
  18. I want to practice a profession where I'm constantly calling myself into question.
  19. I don't have a problem translating demanding or boring documents.
  20. I love languages.


If you answered:

"True" to every statement: you have everything it takes to be a future translator, especially if you would have ranked the statements in their existing order.

"False" once in the first 10 statements: you're off to a great start. "False" twice in the first 10 statements: let's wait and see.

"False" three times in the first 10 statements: professional translation may not be the best choice for your professional and personal development.

The nine character traits that correspond with statements 11 to 19 are not required at the outset, as experience has shown that translators who don't exhibit these traits initially will quickly acquire them or adapt.

The final character trait is a reminder. It goes without saying that all (future) translators are language lovers.

Excerpt from: GOUADEC, D. (2002). "Est-ce bien raisonnable ? Suis-je fait(e) pour cela ?" Profession : traducteur ("Is this wise? Is this for me?" Translation as a profession), p. 293-294.

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