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How do I apply for a distance training programme?

The application process is simple. Just send us the following documents:

  • your CV
  • a list of your professional goals
  • the admission test for your language pair (depending on your desired training programme).

You can contact CI3M at any time:

How do I sign up for a classroom training programme?

To sign up for a classroom training programme:

Steps involved in training

What do the training programmes involve?

The entire distance training programmes are carried out via an online training platform. Access to the platform is unlimited and the training materials are available for you to download.

For classroom training, the training curriculum is defined before each programme begins.

When can I study?

You can study at any time. The platform is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

How do the teachers supervise my work?

Teachers supervise your work throughout the duration of your training programme. During training, reports will be drawn up with a teacher. The teaching team is available anytime to answer your questions.

How do you check what I am learning?

We check what you are learning throughout the training programme by monitoring your application of skills and by providing individual corrections.

You cannot move onto the next training module until the teacher confirms your skill level.

How long will the training programme last?

The training programme lasts a given number of hours, depending on the type of training.

How do I submit a question to a teacher?

You will be in contact with a teacher throughout your training programme. You can ask questions at any time by email.

After training

How will I receive the training completion certificate and proof of attendance?

As soon as a training session is over, you will be sent a training completion certificate and proof of attendance.

You can receive these documents at any time contacting the training centre.

How is training completion recognised?

For university-level training programmes with diplomas, we provide a 5-year degree in translation (level 1) recognised by the RNCP (France's national professional certification registry).

For training programmes without diplomas, we provide proof of training as well as a list of the skills acquired during the training programme.

Is the training recognised abroad?

Diplomas awarded by the CI3M training centre are awarded by the French government's Ministry of Work, Employment and Professional Training.

Training with CI3M

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