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DITA Training Course

Duration: 80 Type: distance-learning Training language: English Trainer: Ambroise Desclèves Audience: Technical writer, Manager

CI3M offers beginner courses for anyone planning to move to a DITA-based authoring and publishing system.

Training content

Structured authoring and DITA

  • Defining structured authoring
  • Explaining the XML-DITA standard

Starting a migration project

  • Categorizing content into DITA topics
  • Creating the file base
  • File naming guidelines
  • Migration and rewriting
  • Inserting related links

Writing content

  • What is writing "from scratch"
  • Challenges and solutions
  • Writing a reference topic "from scratch"

Enriching content

  • Inserting images
  • Reusing content: basic concepts

Preparing content for publishing

  • Creating a map and adding content
  • Preparing content for conditional filtering
  • CV
  • Presentation of your career goals
  • Personal corrections
  • Regular reports
  • ​Permanent access to trainer

Marie-Louise Flacke

Marie-Louise Flacke has a degree in technical writing from the American University of Paris, where specialised in DITA writing and tender writing.

She gives special attention to minimalism and usability testing.

Simplified Technical English

This course introduces writers and translators to the essentials of Simplified Technical English (STE).

It covers the essentials, reviews the dictionary, provides guidance on the writing rules, and describes getting started on an STE project.

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